Top 15 Tech News Websites for Technology Enthusiasts:

Engadget | Technology News and Reviews-

Engadget is the first home for innovation news and reviews.Engadget is a web magazine with fanatical day by day inclusion of everything new in gadgets,gaming,technology,entertainment and customer hardware.

Android Authority-

Android News blog committed to giving master tips, news, surveys, Android Phones, Android Apps, Android Tablet, Rooting and Howtos.

The Next Web-

The Next WebTNW is one of the world’s biggest web-based distributions that conveys a worldwide point of view on the most recent news about Internet innovation, business and culture.

The New York Times » Technology-

Innovation industry news, discourse, and examination, with investigating enormous tech, new companies, and web culture. The New York Times is a center point for discussion about news and thoughts.

The Washington Post » Technology-

Innovation News from The Washington Post incorporates subjects, for example, online media, tech contraptions, tech news, web strategy, web protection, informal communities, web gaming, innovation strategy, innovation guideline, licenses, protected innovation strategy and then some.

PC Mag-

PC Magazine is your finished manual for PC PCs, peripherals and redesigns. We test and survey PC and Internet-related items and administrations, report innovation news and drifts, and give shopping guidance and value correlations.

ZDNet | Technology News, Analysis, Comments and Product Reviews for IT Professionals-

ZDNet’s breaking news, investigation, and examination keeps business innovation experts in contact with the most recent IT patterns, issues and occasions.


A main hotspot for groundbreaking tech news and occasions that give the profound setting to assist business pioneers with settling on shrewd choices and keep steady over breaking news. Includes primarily industry-driving AI, AI, and inclusion of the game business.

SlashGear | The Definitive Guide to Tech and Cars-

Committed to featuring the best in class in private innovation starting around 2005, SlashGear covers everything from state of the art tech stuff to the most recent computerized way of life pattern. Unmistakable, enlightening and new, we’ll continue to bring you gadget data and surveys you can trust just as intriguing critique.

MacWorld Magazine | News, tips, and audits from the Apple specialists

Macworld conveys fundamental tips and purchasing counsel to energetic Apple clients. We center around reasonable data: profound plunge equipment and programming surveys; clear, succinct tips and instructional exercises; and infiltrating examination that main genuine Apple specialists can convey.

The Register-

The RegisterThe Register is a main worldwide web-based venture innovation news distribution for IT chiefs and experts. Covers the most recent stories, white papers, and gatherings on programming, individual tech, AI and ML, security, organizations, and science.


New Zealander Richard MacManus established this webpage as ReadWriteWeb in 2003 and developed his blog about the changing Internet into a global group of columnists. Our main goal is to assemble the up and coming age of tech media organizations zeroed in on giving important data such that inclines toward perusers’ efficiency. ReadWrite totals proficient networks committed to explicit subjects of interest like associated vehicles, brilliant homes, AR/VR, fintech, and APIs.

Network World-

Network World gives profound area aptitude on the advanced undertaking server farm, including the most recent systems administration, stockpiling, servers, and virtualization technologies.Find Network news, pattern examination and item testing on this site.

Android Headlines-

Android news and tech news site, covering breaking news about cell phones, tales, spills, surveys, refreshes, applications, games, giveaways, arrangements, VR, and AI. Android Headlines works intimately with Google and its accomplices to bring all the most recent Android news, item data, local area content.


TechReen is a main innovation media stage that spotlights on the most recent Tech News, Gadget Reviews: Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Drones, TVs, and Gaming Consoles e.t.c with the best shopping stores to purchase, Apps, Startups, and parcels more.